• Control of thermal displacement of the entire machine is pursued through various methods, including the integration of the tool table and the guide bushing attachment, optimal motor output, and employment of the oil-cooling method.

  • The spindle has been significantly reduced in weight, being approximately 25% smaller than conventional machines. Low vibration and quick acceleration enable a regular rotating speed of 20,000mn-1.

  • The depth of the body is reduced to 535mm by miniaturizing components and changing their layout, allowing the machine to be installed in a small area in a factory.

 Model R01/04 II R01/04 VI
 Maximum Machining Diameter Φ1mm / Φ4mm
 Maximum Machining Length  20mm 30mm
 Maximum Drilling Diameter For  Main  Spindle Φ3mm
 Maximum Tapping Diameter For  Main  Spindle  (Tap, Die) M3
 Spindle Through-Hole Diameter Φ9mm
 Spindle Speed Max.20,000min-1
 Maximum Drilling Diameter For  Rotary  Tool Φ2mm
 Maximum Tapping Diameter For  Rotary  Tool M2
 Spindle Speed of the Gang Rotary  Tool Max.8,000min-1
 Max. Chuck Diameter of Back  Spindle -  
 Max. Protrusion Length of the  Back  Spindle  Workpiece -  
 Max. Drilling Diameter in Back  Machining  Process -  
 Max. Tapping Diameter in Back  Machining  Process -  
 Back Spindle Speed -  
 Number of Tools to be Mounted 13 17
 Tool Size  Turning tool □8mm
 Rpaid Feed Rate  X1 axis 30m/min
 Y1 axis 30m/min
 Z1 axis 30m/min
 X2 axis 30m/min
 Y2 axis 30m/min
 Z3 axis - 30m/min
 Motor  For spindle drive 0.5/0.75kW
 For tool spindle drive 0.1kW
 For back spindle drive - 0.5/0.75kW
 For cutting coolant oil 0.06kW
 Input Power Capacity 4kVA
 Center Height 1,000mm
 Weight 1,050kg 1,100kg