• Flexibly corresponds to compound and complex machining with maximum 32 tools that can be mounted

  • Successfully balanced user-friendly operability and enriched NC functions

  • Full of tooling functions that deal with tool selection that matches for each machining

 Model L20E VIII L20E IX
 Maximum Turning Diameter Φ20mm
 Maximum Machining Length  200mm/chuck
 Maximum Drilling Diameter For Main  Spindle Φ10mm
 Maximum Tapping Diameter For Main  Spindle  (Tap, Die) M8
 Spindle Through-Hole Diameter Φ24mm
 Spindle Speed Max.10,000min-1
 Maximum Drilling Diameter For Rotary  Tool Φ8mm
 Maximum Tapping Diameter For Rotary  Tool M6
 Spindle Speed of the Gang Rotary Tool Max.5,000min-1
 Max. Chuck Diameter of Back Spindle Φ20mm
 Max. Drilling Diameter in Back Machining  Process Φ8mm
 Max. Tapping Diameter in Back Machining  Process M6
 Back Spindle Speed Max.8,000min-1
 Back tool post rotary tool - Max.5,000min-1
 Number of Tools to be Mounted Max.32 tools
 Tool Size  Turning tool □12mm(□13mm)
 Rapid Feed Rate  X1-Axis 32m/min
 X2-Axis 32m/min
 Y-Axis 32m/min
 Z1-Axis 32m/min
 Z2-Axis 32m/min
 Motor  for spindle drive 2.2/3.7kW
 for tool spindle drive 1.0kW
 for back spindle drive 1.1/1.5kW
 for back tool post spindle drive - 0.75kW
 for cutting coolant oil 0.4kW
 Input Power Capacity 6kVA
 Center Height 1,050mm
 Weight 2,200kg