• Achieving a high productivity that substantially increase cutting chip emission.

  • Cutting operation at high cutting conditions is available due to one-rank higher machine rigidity.

  • Achieving an overwhelming cost per performance as Φ32mm machine.

 Item A32VII
 Maximum machining diameter Φ32mm
 Maximum machining  length  Guide-bushing 320mm
 Guide-bushing-less 2.5D(Max. 85mm)
 Maximum drilling diameter for main spindle φ12mm
 Maximum tapping diameter for main spindle (tap,die) M12
 Spindle through-hole diameter φ36mm
 Spindle speed  Guide-bushing Max.8,000min-1
 Guide-bushing-less Max.6,000min-1
 Maximum drilling diameter for rotary tool Φ10mm
 Maximum tapping diameter for rotary tool M8
 Spindle speed of the gang rotary tool Max.5,000min-1(rating4,000min-1)
 Max. chuck diameter of back spindle Φ32mm
 Max. protrusion length of the back spindle workpiece  Guide-bushing 65mm
 Guide-bushing-less 2.5D
 Max. drilling diameter in back machining process Φ10mm
 Max. tapping diameter in back machining process M10
Back spindle speed Max.8,000min-1
 Number of tools to be mounted 23
 Tool size  Turning tool □16mm
 Rapid feed rate  X1 axis 32m/min
 X2 axis 45m/min
 Y axis 45m/min
 Z1 axis 45m/min
 Z2 axis 45m/min
 Motors  For spindle drive 5.5/7.5kW
 For tool spindle drive 1.0kW
 For back spindle drive 2.2/3.7kW
 For cutting coolant oil 0.4kW
 Input power capacity 15kVA
 Center height 1,050mm
 Weight 3,500kg